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Software as a Service (SaaS)

Instead of purchasing software and installing it in your IT department, Wings Technologies supplies you supply-chain software as a service over the internet. The benefits of buying SaaS are many:
  • No capital investment, keeping upfront costs to a minimum
  • No requirement to add expensive servers to your IT department
  • No added IT personnel costs
  • No annual software maintenance costs
  • Insures your software will never be outdated
  • Thanks to the internet SaaS delivers value worldwide
Instead, you pay a basic monthly service charge coupled with a usage or transaction charge to account for usage volumes. Wings Technologies seeks to be both flexible and affordable in order to keep you as a long-term customer. A one-time setup charge is also required to provide you with tools that are tailored to fit your specific requirements. We understand that no two companies share identical cultures especially when it comes to managing the supply-chain.

Our Data Centers

Understanding the "Backend" of Software as a Service is a very important aspect of understanding the value we bring to you, the customer. Dependant upon your requirements, our Data Centers must deliver high quality, always up, services. If you are operating 24 hours per day, seven days per week, you require high availability "always up" service delivery. Therefore, the Data Center must employ redundant servers and eliminate single points of failure to insure you are always up. Needless to say that requires an expensive investment in systems infrastructure. The advantage to you is that it is a shared infrastructure making the total cost of service delivery less than it would be as a dedicated service.

Data Protection

Your data will be running on our servers. This means that we must provide you with very high levels of data security ranging from intrusion protection services, backup and restore capabilities, to physical security. As a customer it is not unreasonable for you to request a periodic transfer of your data to your secure servers. In the end, we need to earn your trust so we invite you to audit our systems and data protection capabilities.


SaaS is an affordable and effective system for delivering high quality Supply Chain Management Services across a dispersed supply chain enabling you to stop supply cost leakage while optimizing velocity and throughput.
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