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Planning and the Supply Chain

From a Planning perspective, managing a global supply chain is a complex task that is made even more complicated as companies move manufacturing to remote geographical locations and outsource some or all manufacturing to foreign subcontractors.  To further complicate matters, there is continued pressure to increase speed to market, forcing companies to adopt JIT and Demand Planning practices that put even more pressure on maintaining optimal velocity with no disruption.

The key to improved Planning performance is in gaining real time visibility to the movement of materials and work in process and tie this visibility with the flexibility to change to meet demand.  The goal is to make only what can be consumed and drive out waste in the manufacturing process to reduce overstock and obsolete products.      

At Wings Technologies we understand the challenges to gain this visibility, and with it increased Planning accuracy.  We have developed a suite of solutions that allows you to obtain real time information from every one of your manufacturing and procurement business partners regardless of their level of sophistication or willingness to participate in IT solutions.  Our solutions are also designed to integrate with your current system thereby improving existing systems efficiencies and return on investment.

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