Our Story


Every company constructs a wall of systems such as CRM, MRP, WMS, Purchasing, etc...to serve their customers.  Each system becomes a brick in that wall with a specific job to do.  We recognized that most companies build the wall of so many bricks but not enough mortar to make it monolithic.  Their Systems don't "talk" to one another and Supply Chain information falls between the cracks.

WE ARE THE MORTAR THAT HOLDS THE WALL TOGETHER...  We are Supply Chain Facilitators focused on improving the execution of the processes and enhancing the systems that comprise a company’s supply chain. Using our suite of Supply Stream visibility tools combined with our consulting services, we can help you improve delivery performance while driving cost out of your supply chain.

We pull together data from suppliers, serivce providers, and customers and deliver it to other critical systems and users.  The results are improved economics from supply chain activities; decreased order management costs (IT and administration), reduced capital tied up in supply chain activities and positively impact COGS, days in inventory, payables, and receivables

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