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Logistics and the Supply Chain

At Wings Technologies we understand that the logistics process is the “bloodstream” of every corporation.  A well executed logistics process maintains the flow of product throughout the supply chain.   However, we also understand that a variety of departments play  critical roles in determining the overall global logistics process and in many cases one department’s decision can adversely impact that of another department, ultimately leading to less than desirable delivery results.  Decisions that determine payment terms, INCOTERMS, fill rates, delivery schedules, and credit limits can all adversely impact the ability for the logistics department to stay on time and on budget.

Improving the global trade logistics process is critical, especially in today’s economic times.  It is difficult, if not impossible for any Logistics Department to drive down pure freight costs.  However, using our patented Global Trade Logistics Assessment tools and training curriculums, we can help companies eliminate the various irregularities that exist in their current process, thereby reducing overall logistics costs.  Our experience indicates that we can reduce logistics costs by ten thousand dollars for ever million dollars generated in annual revenues. But just as important, we help improve delivery performance which leads to improved customer satisfaction! 

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